Writing for Wellbeing – for Professionals, Groups and Organisations

Write your Mind workshops can be tailored to your group or organisation; the experience of working together with friends or work colleagues can be really beneficial to the team as a whole; it can be challenging, illuminating, confidence-building and even fun. It can feel moving both to express some of what is written in the presence of team members, as well as to be listened to respectfully, in an accepting environment.

Professional Organisations
‘Corporate wellness’ is a growing trend, and writing for wellbeing provides something refreshingly different to skills training which involves sitting and being talked to about meeting targets, learning new processes or working on customer care. The focus on self-care and self-development encourages employees to take some time out of the stresses of their working environment, to calm their mind, and to think about what would make them a happier member of the team. When employees feel good about themselves in the workplace, it naturally follows that they will work more efficiently and cohesively.

Workshops can support organisations that are going through change, allowing employees to access and express thoughts through writing exercises in a non-threatening atmosphere that promotes both self-exploration, and the validation of whatever they are feeling, in an atmosphere that encourages positivity.

The Caring Professions
I have worked with many people from organisations such as the NHS, Social Services, the Emergency Services and Education in my counselling practice over the years, and am familiar with the pressures such environments can bring on their workforce. On a smaller scale, services such as local GP practices, hospices, residential units and care homes all make demands on individuals that take their toll. Self-care and recharging battery-levels has never been so important, yet we very rarely take time out for this. Support through Supervision or Appraisals may often be sketchy, rushed or fall off the end of stretched budgets.

My workshops can provide illuminating and enjoyable CPD in reflective self-care both for service teams and service users. The beauty of these workshops is no writing experience is needed, each individual participant gets to focus on their own issues and needs, and nothing that is produced is wrong. My therapeutic experience gives me the necessary skills to be able to hold the boundaries in this kind of group setting, where emotions and personal issues can be close to the surface, in thinking about the self, and what our needs might be.

You may belong to a group of people who come together through shared interests – the W.I, a book group, a group of new parents, or friends wishing to lose weight, for example. You may already be part of a group associated with writing – such as a poetry or a creative writing group, who might appreciate an inspiring and different creative experience at one of your meetings. I am happy to chat about what kind of writing for wellbeing workshop might work best for you.


Writing for wellbeing can offer a more grounding and therapeutic form of CPD that allows for personal reflection, and a greater awareness of internal pressure points that need addressing. In the presence of colleagues, this can be a powerful format for acknowledging the needs of individuals, enhancing team-spirit, and gelling participants for greater collaboration and productivity.

Workshops can be tailored to last from a couple of hours to a full day. They work brilliantly as part of corporate team-building exercises. Themes can include:

  • Positive Attitudes to Change and Growth
  • Feeling Good about Yourself
  • Mindfulness and Calm
  • Balance and Perspective
  • Self-care and Self-development
  • Professional Development


Writing for Wellbeing is an innovative way to generate an attitude of positivity in the workplace. It gets the creative juices flowing, and enhances motivation. As a participative and interactive activity, writing for wellbeing provides a lively alternative to talk-based sessions, while at the same time allowing participants to tap into their own inner resources and abilities.

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