Writing for Wellbeing – for Professionals, Groups and Organisations

Write your Mind workshops can be tailored to your group or organisation; the experience of working together with friends or work colleagues can be really beneficial to the team as a whole; it can be challenging, illuminating, confidence-building and even fun. It can feel moving both to express some of what is written in the presence of team members, as well as to be listened to respectfully, in an accepting Read more [...]
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Writing for Happiness

The poet William Wordsworth understood something of the power of writing when he said:“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” Many of us have already discovered the benefits of creative and expressive writing, helping to calm us and increase feelings of wellbeing, particularly at times when life’s challenges such as loss or change can threaten to knock us off-course. As a child I spent Read more [...]
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Creativity and Wellbeing

The paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicot said that it is only in play that the individual discovers the self. Creativity is at the heart of therapeutic development and positive change; the ability to approach something with an openness and a curiosity to see what might come up, to find ways of getting at what sits just beyond our conscious minds, allowing it to emerge into the light to be viewed, Read more [...]
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Joined up Writing

Writing for ourselves can be hugely therapeutic; it is something I have done, in various forms, all through my life. It helps us to remember, to understand, to uncover memories and feelings previously unconscious or forgotten, enabling us to make new sense of ourselves and our experiences. But what are the benefits of writing in a group setting?. Like many other practices for which groups of people come together Read more [...]
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Writing for Mindfulness – ‘Pause and Reflect’

What is it we are doing when we make space for ourselves amongst the hubbub of our busy lives? What does mindfulness practice mean, and how does it link with writing for wellbeing? Mindfulness – and reflective writing, are about our relationship with ourselves, and have in common the conscious setting-aside of some time that is simply for focusing on us – switching to what presents itself only in the present Read more [...]
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Writer’s Block: 5 Tricks for Keeping the Pen Moving

Regular free-writing (see blog on 'Silencing the Inner Critic') seems to go against all the rules of 'proper, grown-up' writing, and requires practice! To write unedited can sometimes feel like we are spouting a stream of rubbish, wasting our time, not focusing on what's important. But through tricking the conscious, critical mind into allowing our unconscious thoughts and processes to reach the page, we can Read more [...]
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Silencing the Inner Critic

Most of us have deep associations with the process of putting words to paper, which usually begin when we are learning to write at school. We are being judged from the outset, encouraged to think about what we are writing, checking that we are using correct spelling and punctuation, and developing an inner critical voice that censors our words as they hit the page. As we grow older, any creative expression we Read more [...]
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A Book Review – for Mindfulness & Reflection

I’ve written about every single book I’ve read since I was 13. I received a large writing book  from an uncle, and the first book I reviewed was ‘Flambards’ by KM Peyton. At the back is a page where I record those few books which receive the accolade of ‘Best Reads’ – those truly knock-out ones that you constantly want to return to, yet do not want to finish because you feel you will miss them!. Read more [...]

Writing our way to Healing Ourselves

Many people have already discovered the power of literature and writing reflectively – to help explore and process personal difficulties such as loss, illness or complex life-changes. Bibliotherapy, or the practice of prescribing self-help literature to patients with mental health concerns, has been used by GPs for some time. We may have kept a journal as teenagers, pouring our troubles out to our ‘Dear Read more [...]

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