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“If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way.”- Seamus Heaney The Coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on how therapists work. With face to face meet-ups no longer possible during lockdown, counsellors have had to adapt quickly with phone or on-line sessions becoming the ‘new norm’. Not everyone is comfortable with working online. Instant messaging has offered a ‘quick-fire’ Read more [...]
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Pedal it Out – Cycling to Connect

When I first moved to the village where I now live, I remember well that feeling of knowing no-one, and wanting to fit in. As someone who has always explored my surroundings by bike, I plucked up the courage to approach a group of local women whom I’d been told went out cycling on a weekday evening. It felt a bit pushy, asking if I could tag along – and on that first ride, I felt nervous – they seemed Read more [...]
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Self-care: what’s on your To Do list today……?

If you can be a bit of a worrier, the Coronavirus pandemic may well be threatening to set off some of those feelings of anxiety that can emerge in such uncertain times. Fear of the unknown and the ‘what-ifs’ that are being thrown up in the news constantly all contribute to a watchful waiting that can make us feel out of control and caught in a downward spiral of speculation and fearfulness. If you share Read more [...]

Social Media and our Daughters’ Mental Health

Smart-phone use can have greatest negative impact on well-being of teenage girls aged 17 - 19, but research shows that following positive role-models of young achieving women instead of mainly fashion, beauty and celebrities can have a transformational positive effect. Read more [...]
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Love our Libraries

I’m sad to hear that my local village library is threatened by closure. The council needs to make huge spending cuts across the board next year and as a ‘third tier’ library, in an area that is not marked as one of significant deprivation, Lyndhurst is on a list of 10 possible closures. I can still recall the excitement I felt as a child, being taken to my local library to choose some books that I was Read more [...]
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Making Change Stick

At the start of a new year so many of us are full of good intentions: to spend more time outdoors, relaxing or kick-starting that running regime; to cook more plant-based healthy meals that include a rainbow of colours, or de-cluttering our clothes collection to reveal the capsule wardrobe that lies within… The theme of change is one that is familiar through my work as a therapist - helping people, once they’ve Read more [...]
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What Trees can Teach us

I try to cycle in the New Forest where I live at least once or twice every week. It's such a good thing to do, on many levels -  physical exercise, out in the fresh air, and in nature; pumping the blood around the system, a change of scene away from devices and To Do lists. Always something different to take in, to catch my interest or stimulate my imagination, especially in noticing the changes through the Read more [...]

Writing from Nature

Workshop participants have commented on how quickly writing about an object can turn into writing about oneself - a porthole into our unconscious, reflective selves. An exercise gave the writing group a small box with a delicately woven birds nest inside. This was used as a simple prompt to write - and to see what emerged.     NEST Interwoven pieces; twig and stick and nylon thread. Read more [...]
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Writing to Help us Grieve

October 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of CRUSE bereavement counselling being established by a social worker, to provide support to those who have suffered loss and struggled to come to terms with it. The grieving process can become complicated, leaving unanswered questions where we’re unable to make meaning from loss that may have been sudden or unexpected, and feels traumatic and unjust. Everything we thought Read more [...]

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