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The Power of Creative and Reflective Writing

By tricking our conscious minds into allowing unconscious thoughts and processes onto the page, we can be surprised by where our pen takes us, by a voice we hadn’t known existed. In fact all kinds of enlightening new connections and insights can reveal themselves when we’re writing - particularly in a group setting. Many of the writing exercises that make up Write your Mind workshops are designed to promote Read more [...]

Write your Mind….. Feed your Mind!

An extremely important part of a Write your Mind workshop is the food! All home made and including sourdough bread, pauses in the day's writing to share lunch, and breaks for morning coffee and afternoon tea with cake are just as crucial when it comes to well-being as the writing and reflecting that goes on between the group.  By popular request, I will be sharing some of the recipes that have featured in Read more [...]

A Mindful Doodling Exercise

This simple doodling exercise is an interesting way of warming up to writing for wellbeing, and can reveal a surprising amount about our inner worlds, and our relationship with the 'inner-critic' that censors what gets transferred from pen to page. Sit comfortably, holding your pen in your hand with a clean page of paper in front of you, and close your eyes. Take a moment to focus on how the pen feels in Read more [...]

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