Writing for Wellbeing - Self-development through Expressive Writing                                                                                                    in the New Forest

Whether seeking a new perspective on difficult issues, or looking to unleash your creative spirit - a developing body of research shows that writing is good for you!

What is Writing for Wellbeing?

Writing offers a powerful and illuminating route towards tapping into and exploring personal issues: what we think and feel, how we make sense of things and remember, as well as discovering potential routes to healing and growth. A developing body of research shows that expressive writing helps calm the mind and increases feelings of wellbeing.

People who have experienced Writing for Wellbeing say it sparks the imagination and helps them release both personal and creative limitations. It can be focusing and meditative, and helps us be kinder to ourselves.  Write your Mind workshops are created to promote self-development, leading you through guided writing activities designed to explore yourself and your situations, foster personal growth, increased mindfulness, and emotional wellbeing.

No previous writing experience is needed, only a willingness to explore your own creative self and potential in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment. There is a satisfaction and thrill to creating something through putting words onto a page. The therapeutic potential of this creative process can be deeply self-affirming and confidence-boosting. Above all, you will experience that writing can be inspiring and fun!

How does it work?

Guided writing activities are used as a gentle approach to personal growth. Writing can be a powerful means of tapping into our unconscious minds and making discoveries about ourselves and our world that we were previously unaware of. These exercises are tools which you can take away with you to use throughout life. 

You will be guided through different writing activities designed to help the words flow in a positive and creative way. Group sessions are enhanced by the support and energy of other participants, and reading what you have written aloud, plus having it heard by others in a safe environment can be powerful and affirming. However - you never have to read aloud anything you have written. Whatever you write is the right thing for you – it is impossible to get it wrong.
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Jo Bisseker Barr

Future Workshops

Friday, 10th Sept, 2021

Writing for wellbeing workshop.

Workshops are from 10am - 4pm. Booking essential

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How can it help you?

Here are some benefits:

 - Releases your creative potential

 - Encourages mindfulness

 - Gives new perspective on difficult issues

 - Releases anxieties and stress

 - Fosters clarity and insight

 - Increases self-awareness

 - Enhances decision-making and goal achievement

 - Emphasizes a positive outlook

 - Improves mood

Some of the themes we follow include:

 - Mindfulness and Calm

 - Balance and Perspective

 - Challenging the Inner Critic

 - Change and Growth

 - Being Kind to Yourself

 - Poetry for Awareness

 - Storytelling for Self-Exploration

 - Transitions and Versions of Myself

Writing Workshops

The Workshops

Committing to dedicated time to write in a group makes it easier to leave outside stresses and concerns behind, and focus on personal expression and exploration of self.

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Jo Bisseker Barr

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With an Honours degree in English including Creative Writing, I am a qualified and experienced BACP Senior Accredited counsellor, running my own private practice.

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‘I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.’

                                                       Anne Frank

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